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Welcome to Aromatherapy Angels!

In our busy lives we sometimes feel we need a loving hand to help us clear our thoughts and get back into center. At those times whatever our issues may be we catch ourselves wishing for an angel to lend us a hand, and, usually we are able to regain our center and continue our journeys.

Let us briefly remember some ideas regarding angels that have stood the test of time and continue to be as current today as they have always been:

Angels are spirit beings that are much more powerful than humans. In Angels are messengers, attendants or envoys of God, the Source and Creator of all that is. Archangels are special angels entrusted with the most important missions for mankind. They serve as guardians entrusted with specific and distinct powers to glorify the Creator and oversee the duties of the angels.

Guardian Angels ate angels who have been assigned to stand with a human being throughout their life, through good and bad. Everyone is given at least two Guardian Angels, some people, such as Lightworkers have many more.

I would like to share with you a dozen of phrases regarding angels and encourage you to find your own additions to them:

1. When a human being discovers his or her angel, a star is born in the night sky.
2. Angels are light houses guiding those who navigate through the paths that lead to God.
3. Angels exist for love, act through love and amor are never ending sources of Love.
4. Each time we establish a link with another being an angel is ready to feed and enhance the link.
5. Angels hold the keys to return to our true essence.
6. If you are sentient, you are able to feel the angel that resides within you.
7. Angels are our invisibles friends anxiously awaiting our call.
8. Whenever we think about our angel, they will instantly be available.
9. Angels are always ready to help us, if we look for them in the right places.
10. When we feel our inner angels, we know that we will never be the same again, we will be who we were but know we are never alone.
11. If you feel you can spread your wings and stroke the wind, you will feel in heaven, like an angel.
12. The angels and you can create miracles, the difference is that generally you are not aware of it and they are.
Aromatherapy literally means a treatment which is able to access our inner core through our sense of olfaction, in other words our sense of smell, one of our earliest developed part of our brain, which has the ability to access and bring forward not just the conscious but also the subconscious, hidden triggers of our reactions and emotions, and of course, taking a step forward by using carefully selected essential oil synergies we can release negative patterns of reacting to emotional memory triggers and regain our focus and balance.

It seemed very natural for me to match the attributes of pure and natural essential oils to those attributes of Angels, and thus Aromatherapy Angels was born.

In this website you will be able to ask your most pressing questions, contribute to our blog, book your expert on line consultation, receive training, purchase your most helpful aromatherapy angel synergy and much, much more.

This synergies are helpers to keep you in the now, in the present moment, and return you to the realization that there is only now, yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come and now is where we focus.

With love and light,
Aromatherapy Angels

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